Christians for Biblical Equality


Held Saturday May 2nd 2015

Our first event for 2015 was a breakfast where Tim Foster spoke about his new book "The Suburban Captivity of the Church".

The Suburban Captivity of the Church explores how the suburban church has aligned itself with the middle class, supporting a vision that focuses on the family, domesticates women and withdraws from the world. Those Australian sub-cultures that reject the suburban vision, also reject the evangelical church and its gospel. In reducing the gospel to becoming a ticket to heaven, evangelicals have developed a very under-realised view of the Christian life – so it's all about what happens after I die, it doesn't shape how I live now. The book seeks to recapture a gospel that offers a new way to be human, a new way to be community, and a new way to live. This gospel can be contextualised such that it captures, critiques and subverts the values and vision of a particular sub-culture, speaking powerfully into that context, and offering a transformed vision for life - a vision that is a very long way from that offered by many evangelical churches.