We are Australian Christians who believe that God’s word teaches the equal partnership of men and women

We believe both men and women are gifted for service. Our workplaces, churches, and families will only flourish when women and men are given equal opportunities to serve, based on their gifts, not their gender.

CBE Melbourne writing Competition

The 2020 CBE Melbourne Writing competition has been judged and the winners are:

Category 1:

Winner “Why I believe in preaching to women” by Erica Hamence

2nd (very close) “Jesus Chooses the Unlikely” by Jennifer Lumsden

3rd “An Egalitarian Marriage” by Julie-Anne Laird

Category 3 (Devotion)

“Do not put out the Spirit’s Fire” by Elizabeth Wheeler

Category 4: Visual Stories

No prizes were awarded in category 2

The winning entries will appear on our website over the next few weeks.


Women In The Church

  • 41% of women say they have more opportunities to lead outside of their church than within their church

Gender of Australian church attenders





Gender of senior local church leaders

  • 78% male

  • 22% female

females in australia churches vs females in Australian populations

Church Attenders0

All Australians0

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