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What the Bible Actually Teaches on Women

What the Bible Actually Teaches on Women Kevin Giles, Cascade, 2018 Kevin Giles delights in Australia and its ideal of being an egalitarian nation. This ideal is not always present and for Kevin the subordination of women, as taught in certain Christian communities in Australia, is one such exception.  A deeply offensive one. The teaching of the subordination of women upsets Kevin Giles deeply. He has advocated for equality between men and women for over 40 years. He has preached, spoken at conferences...

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The Headship of Men and the Abuse of Women: Are They Related In Any Way?

by Kevin Giles  Kevin Giles latest, and he says, his final book is a challenging look at the practical outworking of a strongly complementarian view of gender relations in the church and home. You can order it online or directly from Kevin himslef if you have his contact details. Here is a link to a review from Jesus Creed, part of Christianity Today.    ...

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